Pubcast: Ep 44 - Westworld Recap (part 1)


Mike, Tim and Allison (my wife, making her Pubcast debut) join me to take a deep dive into HBO's Westworld where we dissect all of the major plot points and characters. If you like the show, you'll enjoy this episode. If you haven't seen Westworld, this probably isn't the episode for you. It's a very good show and I highly suggest you check it out.


Pubcast: Ep 43 - Riley’s Rules on New Words


Michelle and Ruff join me in a fun discussion about some new "words" and Michelle rules on their viability. Also, as this was our first episode after the Presidential election, we have aPresidential-themed "How Much Are They Worth?" game.


Pubcast: Ep 42 - Stinky Celebrities


Mike Crosse and Chris Ruffolo join me in person, while Rob Nash calls in for a rowdy episode. Amid some wonderful ball busting, we debut a new segment called "Nashty Smells." The format will evolve over time, but basically, Rob believes he has an instinct about which celebrities stink. We put that to the test with a March Madness-style bracket matchup. Hilarity ensues.


Pubcast: Ep 41 - HBO’s Westworld


Mike Crosse and Tim Trotter join Brendan to discuss HBO's new big-budget show Westworld. After seeing the first two episodes, we explain the basic premise, some of the obvious themes (what is humanity, etc.) and provide our impressions of the characters and plot so far. If you're not watching this show yet, it's worth your time.


Pubcast: Ep 40 - Revisiting Cubs Predictions and Vaguebooking


Rob Nash, Chris Ruffolo and Mike Crosse join Brendan as we revisit some of the baseball predictions that Mike and Ruff made back in March. Playing back some clips from that show, Ruff pretty much nailed his Cubs predictions and Mike pretty much blew both his Cubs and White Sox predictions...or at least that's how we framed it. We also discuss "vaguebooking," the "How Much Are They Worth?" game theme is 'people who played the President on screen,' and Rob again tantalizes us with his focus on which celebrities stink.

Programming Note: We plan to devote an entire show to this "smell" topic, so stay tuned. It's going to be amazing!

Pubcast: Ep 39 - NFL Thoughts and Predictions


Chris Ruffolo and Rob Nash join me to discuss the NFL season. I know I missed the first week, but I make my picks for each division winner and Wild Card. Ruff explains why he's pretty much done with the NFL and we also just barely touch on the Kaepernick situation, hopefully avoiding the dumb discussions the media has perpetuated over the past 3 weeks. Also: The Body Count Game.


Pubcast: Ep 38 - Rugged Maniac and Is ‘Heat’ the Best Heist Movie?


Brendan is joined by Rob Nash and newcomer Ed Cosgrove to discuss the Rugged Maniac race over the weekend. Also, Rob's long-standing love of the movie 'Heat' comes under fire...does it belong in a list of the best movies of all time? How about best heist movie? We give the definitive answer.


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