Pubcast: Ep 39 - NFL Thoughts and Predictions


Chris Ruffolo and Rob Nash join me to discuss the NFL season. I know I missed the first week, but I make my picks for each division winner and Wild Card. Ruff explains why he's pretty much done with the NFL and we also just barely touch on the Kaepernick situation, hopefully avoiding the dumb discussions the media has perpetuated over the past 3 weeks. Also: The Body Count Game.


Pubcast: Ep 38 - Rugged Maniac and Is ‘Heat’ the Best Heist Movie?


Brendan is joined by Rob Nash and newcomer Ed Cosgrove to discuss the Rugged Maniac race over the weekend. Also, Rob's long-standing love of the movie 'Heat' comes under fire...does it belong in a list of the best movies of all time? How about best heist movie? We give the definitive answer.


Pubcast: Ep 37 - Back to School and Suburban Life


This week I'm joined by Rob Nash and Paul Grefenstette, in his first appearance on the show. We discuss taking the kids back to school, suburban "party life," Ryan Lochte, gambling on politics, and the Rocky movies.


Pubcast: Ep 36 - Lochte, Trump or Dictator and Sausage Party


Chris Ruffolo and Rob Nash join me to discuss the Ryan Lochte situation at the Rio Olympics, we debut a new game of sorts, "Trump or Dictator?" and we use the movie "Sausage Party" as the theme for our "How Much Are They Worth?" game. After the closing music, we include some bonus's not for everyone, but we talk smack about Mike (who was a no-show for this episode), discuss the Cubs and debate the best candy bars ever. Important stuff.


Pubcast: Ep 35 - The Olympics, Odd Conversations and Tebow


Chris Ruffolo and Rob Nash join Brendan to discuss the Olympics - not only the sports, but the corruption and dangers in Rio...and kayak sofas. We also also touch on strange conversation techniques and Tim Tebow's attempt at baseball.


Pubcast: Ep 34 - Midwest Vacations and “Would You Rather”


Michelle and Mike join Brendan for an update on their Midwestern vacations and we play Riley's Rules with the help of my sons and their particular brand of "Would You Rather." Toward the end, we get a special revelation about VCRs which blew my mind.


Pubcast: Ep 33 - TV Talk: Billions, Vinyl and the Emmys


We fixed the audio problems from last week! Tim joins me for a TV-heavy episode where I review the Showtime series "Billions," we both give HBO's "Vinyl" the eulogy it deserves, and we pick the winners for the Emmy's. Oh, and you'll hear the biggest ass-kicking in the history of the "How Much Are They Worth?" game. Enjoy!


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